About this media

Act for a better world

My name is Salima, i am the founder of “another eye on our world”. The idea of creating this website emerged just after the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris, as my response to barbarism. As a child of the earth, i am a citizen of the world. I feel solidarity with humanity, feel deeply touched on every war, every attack to freedom to live, to express. I am striving to awaken more peace, love and compassion in face the violence and distress sometimes experienced by humans. It is in this context that this site was born,  to no longer suffer, but to act for a better world.

Build harmonious relationships between humans.

In order to build harmonious relationships between humans, the site “another eye on our world” was also born in the desire to live in a world of peace. “Be the change you would like to see in the world “said Mahatma Gandhi. Today, other awakening consciousnesses like the Dalai Lama continue  on the same verve : “fighting ignorance,  is also fight the suffering. Ignorance is the source of poisons and mental obscurations. By developing selflessness, love, tenderness and compassion, we reduce hatred, desire or pride.” So yes, despite the sufferings we see in this world, the desire to live and create a world of joy, compassion and peace is given to every human being. Let’s change our view of the world.

Wisdom is going to the very heart of the causes that lead to barbarism.

In an interview of the magazine “Le Point” of January 7, 2016, Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan monk, gives a very correct definition of wisdom: “wisdom is going to the very heart of the causes that lead to barbarism : the lack of discernment, long-term vision “. And Christophe André, psychiatrist, to increase : “as to whether wisdom alone can oppose violence and the loss of humanity, the answer is of course no. But without wisdom, the mere use of coercion and law enforcement would be insufficient. Wisdom is important, not only to temper the use of force – not to respond according to the principle of the retaliation law, and blindly – but also to prepare what Alexander the Great calls “the post-war period”, the period of reconstruction.

Give a voice to wise men of modern times

The website “another eye on our world” aims to give voice to these wise men of modern times, who live in their time and also connected to nature. These personalities a little special, mixing old wisdoms and modern consciousness, that we cross on our path and make us understand very often without or with very few words, with the greatest kindness and a look devoid of any judgment … “the way is here …”

A media that values initiatives for the earth and human well being

This website is also intended to be the receptacle and the broadcaster of writings, videos, books chronicles , artists work, allowing to bring an ever renewed view on our world, bringing hope and positive spirit. It is also intended to highlight the initiatives that are being made in our regions and our world for our planet protection and human well being.