For transmission to be raised in wisdom and serve the greatest number.
Share, share and share again. The most beautiful you can be at the moment you do it, as you can. Reminding you that we are both teachers and pupils.

The experience of the human family, to see everything in pyramid with at its head those who know and below those who are learning, touches at the end of his cycle.

Thank you to those who have raised this responsibility.

It collapses and gives way in equal proportions to the quantum leap that makes our great all the earth.
Mother Earth reminds her children to remember that they are everything. All her children, from the pebble to the plant, through you and me, all … Everything vibrates louder, faster, bigger or smaller.

The elements show it to us, silent and absent, where they should be boiling and present. Either exuberant and powerful, where ever they were expected.

A big everything in mutation.

So you and I, the human family, we are called also to that.

It’s you tomorrow the gardener who will perhaps become the greatest therapist. It is you tomorrow the lecturer or grand master of internships who will perhaps become the painter, the musician where all your medicine will be rendered in your arts.

It’s you, maybe who will look at nature and remind you that you are like her: simple and
powerful at the same time and that you can transmit in all innocence what you are, at the moment when you give it.

No cherry or mango arises when a year they can not share
their fruits. And when the moment of “being ready” comes to them, then they give abundantly.

I remember and tell you, remember and tell someone else to remember it too … The knowledge pyramids collapse so that the sounds of the hearts of all find their unique song. We are all as we are, as we are and as best we can.

Do not slow down what you have to transmit, do as you can, but “Fairy …”

A great good I address you and that we have for friend the clarity


Mehdi Agag, écrivain conteur

Mehdi Agag est écrivain et conteur. Son expérience de vie forge sa vision particulière du monde : un regard sans jugement. Il livre dans ses écrits la plus belle part de lui.

Toujours prêt à tendre la main, il exerce également une fonction de thérapeute. Il guide et accompagne les personnes désireuses de s’ouvrir à cette part inconnue et extraordinaire que nous avons tous en nous, qui brille de mille feux, mais que nous n’osons parfois pas approcher par peur de l’inconnu et de notre propre potentiel

Sur son blog,, vous trouverez ses écrits, ses contes qui portent en chacun d’eux, une leçon de vie.



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